Dugout Replacement Project

  In the spring of 2018 The Ridge Diamond Club built new dugouts at Varsity Field.

  Working with Architect, Jay PetrilloAIA and Contractor, Greg BozzoRidge Diamond Club developed a plan combining professional services and volunteer efforts to design and construct safe, efficient dugouts that will serve generations of baseball players!  Our goal was to retire the debt in this our second year and we are ONLY 20 SPONSORSHIPS AWAY!  Once we reach our goal, we will no longer be accepting sponsors.

If you are interested in one of the last sponsorships:

  • A SPONSORSHIP SIGN will be erected at the Ridge Baseball Field showing alumni and community support for the Ridge Baseball Team and the Dugouts!


  • Your 100% tax deductible contribution will allow you a prominent legacy in Ridge Baseball History!


  • Future generations of families and players will THANK YOU as they pass by the Sponsorship Sign entering these State of the Art Dugouts!


  • This is an opportunity to commemorate and give tribute to past and future families who have attended Ridge High School!

On behalf of the Ridge Diamond Club, the baseball teams and their families and all of the future generations of Ridge High School Baseball Players, THANK YOU!

We are offering two levels of SPONSORSHIP.

 Sponsorships and donations are 100% tax deductible!

Ridge Diamond Club, PO Box 213, Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920